Sunday, June 19, 2011


Outrun is a short film written and directed by Nicholas Tinsley. It stars Angela Sprinkle as Maggie, a young woman who has just lost a loved one, and follows her over the course of three days as she is haunted by the memories of the deceased. The film also features Andrew Strenk, Adam Stephenson, Claudia Di Biccari and Dianne Bischoff. It was shot in seven days, the bulk of which occurred in March 2010 in Glenview and Chicago, Illinois.

31 minutes


HD - Panasonic HVX


This is my short film Outrun. I made it last year and it’s the biggest thing I’ve done yet. It is very much a first film in a lot of ways, but there are things in it I like.

Here's what critic are saying: "Written and directed by Nicholas Tinsley, this short film deals with a young woman emotionally unmoored after the recent death of a loved one. It’s good stuff… well written, features some solid naturalistic acting (particularly from lead Angela Sprinkle), and the soundtrack is emotionally resonant. So open a bottle of wine, lower the lights, and get it rolling."

Thanks for watching.

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